Emotional Avatars and the Masks We Wear. Changing Lives, Episode 12

Posted by - June 17, 2021

William Shakespeare was correct. All the world’s a stage and the men and women merely players. We wake up in the morning, as our authentic selves. And even before Covid, we still put our figurative masks on. We put a personality on, we put a certain way of dressing on. And depending on how we showed up after this, was our mask we were wearing.

“So, we might have done our hair a certain way or worn sports clothes or corporate clothing or whatever it might be. And that was the mask. And when you meet different people, you projected what you wanted them to see about you, hear about you and feel about you.”

If we superficially putting on clothing, makeup, hair, attitudes, position to show up, surely there is a lot more behind the mask. So, ask yourself, regardless of what face you have got on for the outside world, who’s behind the mask?

What if you are a Gollum, the cave-dwelling character from Lord of the Rings, and you are so miserable and so angry and so scared and so fear based, but projecting this incredibly wonderful exterior? Others may look inside and see a tiger bouncing around, so bored and you just do not want to be in a suit, but life demands that of you. “It is fascinating for me how different people project an image of who they are, but behind the mask, there is so much more going on. This is Changing Lives Episode 12.