How Thought Creates Reality. Changing Lives, Episode 13

Posted by - June 21, 2021

How we feel underpins what we think, which then becomes our life experience. We only listen for 14 minutes at a time, not 45, not an hour. So, we have a 14-minute attention span. And what we think about something, about anything really, determines how we experience it, or impacts our success.

Let us take money, for example. If I am going to feel great about it and I am going to tell my brain that I feel great about it, my brain in turn is going to send out enabling hormones into my body, which give me something called “attentional awareness”, which will enable me to see opportunities around me.

If I use the same word, ‘money’ and I have a bad relationship with it, I will send that information to my brain. I will go into the fight or flight of every segment of my brain and send out debilitating hormones. And the brain cannot differentiate between ‘money’ and a ‘sabretooth tiger’, so it pushes it (money in this instance) away in fear.

We can do the same thing in every aspect of our lives. We can do things like eating disorders, exercise relationships. So, when you say where people say thoughts are so important and they are because you have got to be aware what you are thinking. I don’t disagree with that. But what is more important is that you have got to be aware of how you feel about that thought.

What is Conscious Thought? Changing Lives, Episode 14

Posted by - June 21, 2021

Sometimes we are more conscious in certain areas in our life and sometimes we are unconscious in other areas of our life. In this episode we chat with psychologist Louisa Niehaus about conscious thought.

Consciousness is a state of being, which is the state of awareness that exists in ourselves and in relation to us and our environment, and consciousness can change depending on what or whom we meet. So, for example, you can reach an altered state of consciousness through meditation, through prayer and through psychology. Consciousness is metastatic and we are constantly evolving in a state of flux around consciousness.