Changing Lives South Africa | Take Back your Power with Tanya Kunza

Tanya Kunze is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker, neuroscience coach and thought leader, specialising in the realms of consciousness, leadership, business development (strategy, sales and marketing) and transformation within the corporate sphere.


She is one of the most prominent speakers on neuroscience-based conscious business development globally, and a published author of two books.


The publication Life Luxury and Style chose Tanya as one of the top 40 most inspiring women in 2019. Due to her community upliftment focus, she was noticed on an international platform and elected as a LinkedIn Goodwill Ambassador (2017). Her groundbreaking advancements in business development were featured in Leadership Magazine (2018).


Tanya has been interviewed on many news channels on transformation and woman in business over the years and was also the former CNBC Africa anchor of her series, ‘Healthy Business’, which focused on the financial benefits of corporate wellness. Most recently in 2021, Tanya wrote the script for Changing Lives as well being the anchor for the show, featured across various media channels and platforms. 


Tanya backs up her 30 years of local and international corporate experience with her coaching qualifications.